Theatre. Music. Video.

“The paradigm is changing, the lines are becoming blurred,” says Todd Norris, Director/Cinematographer. “The division between theatre and film is starting to break down; these industries are intermingling.”

Kansas City’s active arts community is evolving. An increasing demand for publicity through social media is affecting the “cross worlds” of theatre, film and music. After all, it’s all production. Creative spirit, ambitions to move an audience and tell stories are reasons we do what we do. But we have distinguishing capabilities. There is wisdom in allowing others be the expert in their professional arena.

Todd Norris and Mitch Brian, co-founders of Jetpack Pictures, combine their skills in film production and their respect for theatre by creating promotional videos for Kansas City playhouses and theatres’ upcoming shows. It’s done in the “spirit of creativity,” says Norris. The videos generate larger audiences for performances.

Projects like this create a ripple effect, developing the need for writers, directors, production crew and studios. All in all, it’s a powerful way to build the arts community in this city. Local bands are another source for production opportunities. Music videos drive sales and popularity for musicians. That’s no secret. But behind the scenes, production professionals’ lives are affected by the outcome and distribution of the videos.

Within the production industry, commercial, advertising, film, theatre and music businesses may have dissimilar goals. However, many professionals aren’t aware of how many layers of creative individuals exist in Kansas City. Discovering ways to build and learn from one another can boost our production capabilities and resources.

Check out Jetpack Pictures’ recent music videos, Grisly Hand and Tiny Horse.