BIG Business in Kansas City

Imagine our city, leading content-driven production. Modernizing technology and combining media strategy with artistic integrity. Kansas City inspires invention. Our city is flourishing with creativity and innovation; we will further prosper by reinstating an official production office.

The Film Commission of Greater Kansas City is already aware of the potential for Kansas and Missouri. Exciting opportunities exist within a strong advertising, film and media community, so volunteer board members agree it’s time to take this business to the next level.

A production & film office is a doorway for out-of-state productions to enter into our dynamic city and see just what we can do. Equally important, local advertising agencies, production companies and corporations with in-house production need reliable resources.

Locations, permits, crew members, casting directors, writers, set designers, hair & make-up artists, producers, talent, creative directors, motion designers, sound designers and editors are here, in this city, ready for bigger prospects. With more capabilities, creative talent will recruit to Kansas City and when production crews arrive, we’ll be ready.

Incentive plans that engage hotels, restaurants and entertainment are all being considered, and tax credits are certainly being discussed. Google Fiber promotes cutting-edge efficiency for creative ideas to live digitally. We have an advantage to revolutionize television and online content. So the time is now to endorse our message.

President of KC Film Commission, Heather Laird, has organized a devoted team committed to this effort. The committee has been researching production-related revenue from 2012 and numbers are proving substantial economic impact. Mayor Sly James’ Task Force for the Arts welcomes this initiative and currently facilitates the Film Commission’s goal.

We are all working together to reinstate a production office. This effort will affect multiple organizations including but not limited to The Kauffman Foundation, Missouri and Kansas Tourism, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, KCADC, AAF-KC and the Film Society of Greater Kansas City.

For more information about the progress of research or questions about our goal, please find contact information here